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Scratch Attack Gel

Scratch Attack Gel

Price: $12.95 Plus P&H

Product Description

Don’t let your pet suffer with uncomfortable, itchy skin. Scratch Attack Gel is a non-stinging, odor-free formula specially made with lidocaine to soothe and relieve pain and itching. This veterinary strength formula contains a potent blend of antimicrobial and anti-irritant ingredients to start working instantly.

As an added benefit, Scratch Attacks calming blend of aloe and lanolin provides natural soothing to irritated skin while its moisturizers speed the recovery of dry, flaky, inflamed skin to stop excessive licking and gnawing. For the very best in pet care, give your pet instant relief today with Scratch Attack!

Why Choose Plaque Attack®?

  • Easy To Use
  • All Natural
  • Perfectly Safe
  • Save Money
  • Prevents Gum Disease
"Plaque Attack is fantastic!"— Lea N.
"Her teeth are whiter and her breath smells great!"— Rose G.
"I use Plaque Attack as a prevenative measure formy dog"— Nora S.

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